Journal of the Faithful – A Series of Letters


The Journal of the Faithful is an ongoing correspondence between two long-time friends and co-patriots, who evaluate events through a Christian worldview discussing topics and concerns from a personal and scriptural perspective. 

The Honorable Christian Inkwell is a retired businessman and patriot living in the “Colonies”

Adonijah Butler, Esq. is a landowner and patriot living abroad.




Come and join the conversation.







This is an ongoing and developing project. The purpose – encouragement with Philippians 4 as our guide. Please feel free to post your comments with this standard in mind. (All pejorative, inappropriate or belligerent posts will be deleted). 

The dialogue between the characters is not necessarily designed to be historically accurate as to time and events (the author is cognizant of such and has done so purposely) .

The author recognizes an ongoing need to improve grammar, style, etc., and will strive to honor the Lord in all we do. I hope such will develop along with the characters and time. 

With all due respect, if you feel you write more eloquently you may find this project more frustrating than beneficial to you personally. and, as such, I would recommend your own work than this project – acknowledgement to those in this category is given.


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