The Storehouse


   Take a look around – flip through the pages and contemplate the musings of Christian Inkwell.


             Positive uplifting comments desired…..

                                                                        – Christian Inkwell

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  1. Conceived June 1944 My dad still in Italy fighting!
    Dragged through life, crime. Illiterate, Dyslexic. Our teacher were brutes having returned from 6 years of war. One teacher survived Changi Japan’s POW camp, and others boated of hand to hand combat!The government thought they were our only hope!
    We already knew how to fight. We fought Oswald Mosley’s(Hitler Sympathiser) fascist, and Peter Rackman (famous Slum landlord)’s thugs on the streets. We fought each other. The Police and in 1958 We fought Black immigrants at our front doors. The Notting Hill race Riots.
    So how did I survive to accessed as a person in the Top 2% percentile of Practical Intelligence, A Train Driver, Steeple Jack, Paratrooper. Bible Smuggler (USSR),Mule Packer, Published in professional Journals, Lecturer in World Logistics, Bail, Officer, 3 times married, Evangelist & Church planter in Spain at the age of 66 years?

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