Danger – Hon. C. Inkwell

I was happy to receive your latest correspondence, and I rejoice with you in the news of the birth of your newest grandchild, my dear friend.

I am alarmed, and I share your concern over the trend of this nation and the prospects of the future, for us and our posterity.

As you point out in your dispatch, it is our responsibility as citizens and parents to fight to maintain the liberties purchased with such a dear price – the blood of patriots. So true of our earthly cohabitation, but so much more the price paid to secure our eternal abode – the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

Is not the greatest and primary danger, apathy? Even more deadly, a corporate sense of helplessness of our citizens through the loss of direct representation – our ability to control or direct our own government. Our leaders no longer consider or hear the voices of those whom they represent.

Can there be anything more dire than the level of mediocrity in our leadership? Where is the character we looked to from our leaders? Not just in their business endeavors, but in their relationship with the Lord? Gone is the fear of God, or worse, even belief in the One who is able to save and destroy.

Our supposed leaders are tossed to and fro and have ears tickled by every sort of doctrine. As you so plainly state, my dear friend, our leaders have lost sight of Him. Is that not our Blessed Hope? Did we not fight to serve Him and Him alone? Was not this country founded on this very precept? Did not our friends and colleagues state so eloquently these very words? Did they not give their fortunes and very lives for this country to be ruled by Him and His Word? Yes, a thousand times yes!

Yet our leaders are fools. They are wise in their own eyes. They do not rule for the benefit of the citizens of this country, they promote themselves and satisfy their own desires. They pervert the building blocks of this country, the foundation upon which it was built. For what purpose – their own power. God help us!

What is the possibility this country will turn from its ways and repent, my dear friend, and secure the return blessing of our Lord? As I have said before, it has happened in the past. However, our leaders are more afraid of the world and with political correctness – accepting any doctrine and religion above that of our Savior – than God. They relish any winsome teaching from the world, like a sultry lover – awaiting its call – anticipating its allure, desiring its touch. They should be ashamed and we should be afraid, for the destruction of our liberties, as we know them, shall follow.

Should we expect the blessing of our Lord when the so-called leaders of this nation turn their backs and stiffen their necks and mock God?

Pray, my dear friend, that God will send our country a messenger calling for repentance, and we as a nation will turn before we are destroyed from within and without.

I pray that we might see true repentance.

As you know my dear friend, every knee will bow, the question is when?

My knee has and will always bow to Him!

With warmest affection,

Your dear friend –

– Hon. Christian Inkwell

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