Storm – Hon. C. Inkwell

I was happy to receive your instant letter and was encouraged to see you have not lost your zeal and passion for the freedoms we fought so dearly to obtain, and now endeavor to maintain against an ever-growing behemoth, which, at its core is a beast with an insatiable pursuit of power.

I am constantly amazed at the myopic perspective of our populous. We are like the citizens of Rome who enamored with the games and temporal pleasures entertained  while their Republic was quietly usurped. Is that occurring to us dear friend?

History serves as an apt Teacher, and more so the Word. However, there  are those  who, as a skilled illusionist, keep the eyes of the naive and gullible distracted from the events at hand.  We as a nation have abdicated our civic duties – to actively and individually participate in civil discourse. We have delegated to the few. We are too busy with our toys and our distractions to be bothered with such weighty matters?

We have relegated this duty to a few groups, who in turn dictate the discourse and control dissent to their view. Alternative voices are silenced discounted as fringe – our concerns, opinions, and views ignored – regardless of merit.  Instead of civil discourse where equal opportunity for diverse opinions is permitted, two groups exclude all other opinions. Any dissension is immediately categorized as those of the mentally infirm or a threat to that group – our views are considered comments or opinions of the narrow-minded, misinformed, naive, intolerant, or any other marginalizing term they can apply. Apparently we are a group of malcontents desiring to place humanity under the yoke of religious bondage!

And who are those, dear friend? Those of us who proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are relegated silenced as “religious fanatics” “religious bigots” or other derogatory terms. Instead of equal footing in the social arena, we find ourselves marginalized and excluded. Have we seen this before? History repeats itself. As the great Sage proclaimed “there is nothing new under the sun.”

Humanity continues to march to a gospel of self actualization. Believing the individual can redeem his/herself and our neighbors apart from Grace! If that were true, our Lord would be a liar! If humanity could redeem itself, the cross was for nothing and God’s Word is nothing more than a fable, the writings of the greatest deceiver of all! We are all without hope, and those who went before sacrificed for naught. The gave their treasure and lives for a fancy. They offered their lives, suffered martyrdom at the hands of others or beasts for a fairytale. God forbid! We know it is not true.

Have we as a nation come to this point? If so, can we expect the continued blessings of our Lord over this nation? We as a nation have relegated the Savior, to a good man whose contribution is wise sayings for weak-minded people. Our leaders only invoke the name of God in the generic. They don’t mean God as we know Him – through His revealed Word and our Savior – nor do they choose to. They use it as a term for one of a multitude of gods any one of which we may choose. I can hear the loud proclamations of our committed pastors now – turn your eyes upon the One who can save!

If our current leaders are a refection of where we are as a country, my dear friend, what hope do we as a nation have? None (if we ascribe to their view). We are like brute beasts – take what we can now before the end – because nothing awaits us at the end. If it were true, we as Believers are to be the most pitied. Why? Because we are sacrificing for nothing, following the teachings of raving lunatics. We are therefore the most pitiful fools – and truly without hope.

But we know the Truth and stand firm in it, my dear friend, and we are not alone. As with Elijah, not every knee has bowed to the gods of this world. Dear friend, feed on the Word – our spiritual nourishment and watch the Lord move. He is not stymied by our leaders, however, the cost may be dear, dear friend.  But has it ever been cheap? Did it not cost our Lord and Savior? Yes, and He overcame the cross! Therefore we must stand firm, finish the race set before us and not falter as the storm approaches! Time is nearing where, as it has in the past, we will be called to stand for His name – regardless of the cost – stand firm dear brother.

I too stand in one accord with you and continue to beseech our Lord for both mercy and grace personally and for our dear country. As with you I am watching the storm clouds gathering. It is coming, as our Lord has told us it would.

Others have gone before, as history repeats, may you and I stand in His Name – in the power and strength of His Spirit. Remember Steven, boldly proclaiming the Word of the Lord. Look up dear friend, we cannot be stopped because we have the keys to the Kingdom. Keep holding on, as will I. We will see the Son.

May His return come soon. That is the final resolution, all other events are preparation of that glorious event. Come Lord Jesus. On the solid Rock we stand, all other is sinking sand. We will not be moved!

Until then, I remain His servant, and your brother and compatriot

– Hon. C. Inkwell

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