Beginnings – The Hon. C. Inkwell

I sit at my desk this warm evening. Many days have passed since our last correspondence. My eyes are not as keen as they once were, my dear friend, and my hands struggle to write legibly.

As I pen this, I am greatly stirred by the surrounding unrest.  A tangible sense of dismay seems to fill the hearts of  the inhabitants of this great country.  A sense of desperation and futility not unlike what we felt in those tumultuous days when we stood for what was right and decent.

Discouragement and frustration are palatable and are both prevalent in the discourse of the streets and market.  Word comes almost hourly of pressing events. Events that weigh heavily on the minds and hearts of the population. I fear it is the same throughout this country and I have heard from the officers at the harbor of such unrest throughout. It appears it is spreading. Considering the state of affairs, an event not untimely.

As much as I am able, I will strive to give you an accurate and honest account of the issues we face. I would pray, my mind, although it grows older by the day, shall not keep me from granting you a firm and logical accounting of these pressing issues.

As always, I am mindful that I will need wisdom to rightly divide  truth and seek justice and temperance in my accounts as we know, my friend, He is Sovereign, and His will is done, despite the rankling decisions and deplorable machinations prevalent in society and this world. I pray my correspondence to you will find approval in His eyes.

Events unfold daily, and I will strive to keep you abreast of the changes as soon as I am able. It takes some time now, climbing the stairs to my study, an event we could have done in a few exuberant bursts in our youth.  But to no avail to do so now would be my undoing. Patience is a virtue, I am told.

I hope this finds you well and up to your usual deeds of which as old gentlemen we have the privilege to remember in private but forget in public.

In honest affection,

–  Hon. Christian Inkwell

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